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The True Cost of the Iraq War January 23, 2006

Posted by Steve Gallagher in Government & Politics.
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“In 2002, Lawrence Lindsay, then director of the White House National Economic Council, suprised the Bush administration by saying that a war in Iraq could cost $100 to $200 billion.” – Scott Wallsten

Soon afterwards he was fired. In 2003 Paul Wolfowitz testified before Congress that the war would pay for itself, using $15 – $20 billion a year in oil exports, $10 billion from an escrow account run by the UN, and billions more to be confiscated from Saddam’s own personal bank account.

Andrew Natsios, Chief for International Development at the State Department stated in an interview that the cost of the reconstruction of Iraq would be exactly $1.7 billion. Scott Wallstern has estimated that thru this past summer, direct costs to the United States has reached $300 billion, with the worldwide costs, including costs to the US, Iraq, and coallition partners has reached $500 billion, with future costs expected to double this. Before the war, several economists gave their predictions, including a calculation from William Nordhaus of Yale, with a figure of $100 billion to $2 trillion.

For more info go to: www.bepress.com/ev

To make your own prediction, go to: http://aei-brookings.org/iraqcosts/ 
where there is a chart with changable values. By moving the sliders for such statements as; “What will be the last year US troops are in Iraq”, and “How many US troops will die each year”, the chart automatically recalculates a dollar figure.


Government and Political Discussions January 23, 2006

Posted by Steve Gallagher in Government & Politics.
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Yesterday I started a discussion forum, set up on www.govern.us at www.forum.govern.us. The purpose of the forum is to allow people to have a common place to post facts and opinions about the government. Whether you feel strongly about some issue, or feel the need to help educate the masses on some subject you are familiar with, this is the place to do it. It has some aspects in common with writing a letter to the editor of your newspaper, with  added advantages of world wide access, and the ability to get replies and comments posted.

So try it out and have fun. You can also make a poll and post it, and see what results you get.


Cross Country Skiing in Vermont January 15, 2006

Posted by Steve Gallagher in Vermont.

I’m finally getting around to writing something here. I’m going to try out putting some images here. Click on them and you should go to a larger version of the photo.

These are from a 4 mile ski trip we took last weekend. Me, my wife Sarah, and my son Isaac. We were joined on the pond by my Mom and Dad. I hadn’t been on skis for 3 years, because of being in Mexico the last 2 winters. (Click on the thumbnails below)